Louise Reynolds is the owner and artist working at Block 1 Square 1 on the Jasper Historic Square which is now Spring Street Arts!  Along with her husband Ivan they are still working on the renovation of the old building.  Ivan has been here since 1972 and is known for his"water knowledge". He has owned the building since 1985 and has seen it go thru changes but nothing like what has happened since he married Louise. Stop by and meet us and talk a little water stuff with Ivan and see a little art stuff that Louise has made along with some friends that do other art,too:)

                 Hand Painted Silks at Spring Street Arts are just one of the many beautiful treasures you will find in Jasper's best kept secret!

            Sumptuous Silks made here in Jasper Arkansas

Feast your eyes on silks that are stretched out, sketched and painted right here in the Spring Street Arts Studio. Watch as Louise creates an original work of art that you could take home and show your friends. One of a kind wearable art that you can use as decor for your home or to adorn and caress you in luxurious silk!